Monday, May 3, 2010

Ok can we just say it about time I post something new!!!!!!! Sorry but I kind of suck at this. Ok so my "baby" girl Kori is graduating high school!! Holy Cow I am old. Racing season is getting under way for her so come out to Rocky Mountain Raceway to see her, she does very good. For Shelbi here comes allll the basketball camps and for Mikey he is still looking for his sport but he loves his karate class. For those that are interested I have started to sell my vinyl and embroidery items at The Home Touch store on main and Vine next to the mexican market. It keeps me busy! Lori and I did a craft boutique a few weekends ago it was ok, thanks goodness Lori was there to keep me company! Thanks LORI!! Ok well thats it for now I will post some pics of the stuff I have made so far within the week. C YA