Monday, August 24, 2009

Ok I have finally created a blog everyone has one so we may as well too. Right? So bare with me as I try this out, this could be scary. Ok so today is the first day of school! And as always I cried. My baby Kori is a senior now, so I have a vivid memory of her first day of kindergarten, so sweet in her pink overalls, and today she gets in her car and DRIVES HER SELF to school. SAD!!!! Now I ask my self am I sad because she is growing up so fast or because I am getting older. My answer probably both. Its hard having a teenager/adult as I try to hang on to my age of "29". (haha) And so my Shelbi and Mikey start a new adventure in a new school. Again crying as I take their pictures this morning. And as their father gives them all a blessing. I just wish they all stayed little.

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  1. I think your doing great at blogging! I love the pictures at the top too.