Saturday, September 26, 2009

Ok again I am trying to blog. I forget I have one. I love reading others, its funny to hear stories. And I feel a little connected still with OL3 when I read them. We do miss the ward, its a great one. Anyways, we are getting used to the whole school thing. Kori hates getting up soooooo early and Shelbi is soooo easy to get out of bed. They are very opposite, Mikey is easy to wake also. So Kori has decided go to USU Logan next fall to finish her Associates. THIS MAKES ME SOOOO FREAKIN SAD. I knew this time would come and I do have until next year but still it breaks my heart. I think they should just live here FOREVER with their spouses and children (kind of like the Cosby show) but my sweet babies aren't convinced its a good idea. Not sure why? When Mikey was about 5 or so he would tell me that he was going to live with me forever and when he got married he would get his wife a house down the street and visit her. Now he has changed his mind, SAD, huh? Oh well enough of my boobin. So I will try to post pics still learning this blog thing.


  1. Woo Hooo Jackie!!I am happy to see your blog! and yes I will be stalking it from now on!

  2. AWWWWW Lori thanks for being my personal stalker:)